Composite Veneers 10/10

Composite Veneers 10/10

Composite Veneers are a minimal to non-invasive type of tooth covering made using composite resin. The composite sits on top of your existing teeth, helping to shape the teeth into a more desireable appearance. Composite shades come in many shades from your Natural Opaque color to the more popular Hollywood White. The procedure time can vary per client. Safest time to expect is 6 hours for full (20). Not needing 20, that’s ok too! Book your free consultation today and let’s talk about a custom smile! Deposit of $200 must be sent within 24 hours of booking or appointment will be canceled. *This service cannot be booked until a consultation is completed. Please select FREE CONSULTATION to get started.


Your technician applies the bonding resin to your teeth layer by layer. Your technician uses intense light throughout the process to cure and seal the resin. When your technician achieves the final shape and colour, your new veneers are polished to give a natural look. Applying composite veneers usually occurs in one visit.


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